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“I’m from out of state and was shocked that the potential penalty for my speeding ticket was, in the worst case, time in jail. I’m a lawyer myself and sorted through dozens of solicitations I got in the mail. I looked at those and then also online before hiring Nathan Baskerville, who impressed me with his prior experience and work as a prosecutor and his strong reviews from former clients. My case wasn’t complicated but I was able to reach him quickly, and he had clearly read the files I had uploaded, including my perfect driving record. He gave very clear advice on how to proceed, including recommending I take an online four-hour driving course before he went to speak to the prosecutor about my case. He also told me the best and worst case scenarios, but he said he was optimistic based on the facts, that he could get my case dismissed. And that is exactly what he delivered. Citing to my perfect driving record, my having already completed the driving class, and extenuating circumstances, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss my case, which is what the judge then did. There is an old joke about how a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. Having seen Mr. Baskerville in action, I am convinced I would have done far worse if I had been dumb enough to represent myself. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants a stellar advocate on your behalf. No lawyer can guarantee outcomes in advance but what you want in a lawyer is someone who really understands the key facts of your case, can provide strong legal advice about how to improve your chances, and can manage your expectations by explaining the range of possibilities of how the case will be resolved. I couldn’t be happier with how he handled my case and, of course, that he got it dismissed and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”– Jared G.

“I appreciate the hard work that was done on behalf of my case. I was in desperate need of help with a traffic ticket that I got during the covid season. I had no one to help in vance county with it. I kept missing court because I live I Charleston. Finally Reach out to the attorneys here. They were able to resolve my issues in less than 3 hours. I was so happy with the results. They were fast friendly and dedicated. I appreciate all you have done. I can’t thank you enough. Highly recommend.”– Laquantes B.

“I am highly satisfied with this law firm. They know exactly what they’re doing and what to expect. Nathan was very thorough and professional. His free consultation was very informative and to the point. He educated me on what to expect, what the likely outcome would be. He was confident and that made me feel like I could trust him. I would recommend to anyone needing a traffic lawyer.”– BLK JACC

“The Baskerville’s law firm is top-notch!! The most important thing for me was how they treated me like family from day one. But the results from working with Nathan proved that both him and his dad are everything you need and want in an attorney; knowledgable, professional, connected, honest, organized, timely, etc.”– Scott T.

“I strongly recommend Baskerville & Baskerville for legal needs. They were knowledgable, communicative and very accessible. From beginning to end, I felt taken care of and every step of the process was thoroughly explained to me. I truly appreciate their efforts and would certainly work with Baskerville & Baskerville again.”– Keith V.

“Very professional,informative, and kept me updated on the status of my case in a timely fashion. If I ever need an attorney again. I definately know where I will go.”– Robin S.

“Baskerville and Baskerville helped me change my life! There was no delay in their services and they even worked out a payment plan that I was extremely comfortable with. I never thought attaining an attorney could be so quick, easy, and efficient. If you need representation with a great reputation and fair rates for quality service, please call Baskerville and Baskerville. 5 stars!!!”– Thecommentqween

“The Baskerville law firm is truly good at defending the rights of its clients, in my case they helped me a lot and I was satisfied.”– Carlos M.

“Baskerville & Baskerville is an awesome lawyer firm. They are committed to providing outstanding service to their clients. I was extremely satisfied with their service in handling my traffic violation. They are very knowledgeable of the law. They responded to my questions and request promptly. Their recommendations to me was exactly what I needed. Thank you to Baskerville & Baskerville for your awesome service.”– Gwen B.

“So thankful for this attorney! They were very thorough and knowledgeable. Communication was excellent. My reckless driving ticket was dismissed! I would recommend them to anyone with a traffic violation. Thanks again!!
– Jessica D.

“WI strongly recommend that you use the law services at Baskerville & Baskerville. I had a speeding ticket in another county and Me. Baskerville did not hesitate to take my case. He went in and fought for me and I was highly impressed. Definitely use the services here!”– Roderick R.

“They did exactly what they told me great job I will be using this law firm from now on.”– JayMoney TV

“Thank you!!!”– Viridiana B.

“I Strongly recommend Baskerville & Baskerville…. He helped me out with my speeding violation with no points on my license… I Strongly Recommend Mr. Randolph Baskerville!”– Lycia F.

“I recommend this practice very highly. Very professional and respectful. They delivered a great result.”– Hussam A.

“Top notch service and lightning fast results. Definitely will hire again should I ever need it.”– Ty Patterson.

“Best of the best”– Mr buy it Sell it trade it

“They did a great job helping me with my case and treated me professionally.”– David T.

“We were treated fair, and respectable. They will be honest. Do the best job that they can to help your case.”– Lucy E.

“The attorney made me feel positive that everything will be in my favor.”– Angela B.

“Wonderful”– Erica P.

“Very knowledgeable, and got the case solve immediately.”– Ronald E.

“Treated with respect felt comfortable and as though I am in good hands. I feel the attorneys are well seasoned and know what that are doing.”– Danece M.

“He was honest and swift with service, he stayed in contact with me and walked me step by step leading up to court date and thereafter. I would highly recommend him any time.”– Natasha B.

“I absolutely loved Nathan. For someone I’ve never met, he treated me with the utmost respect. He turned a very stressful situation into a resolution. He kept me up to date so I didn’t have to worry. I had a very positive experience and would recommend him to any family or friends who needs assistance!”– Marlina R.

“Great”– Lillia B.

“Professional”– James C.

“I was advised as to what the process of my case consisted of and what needed to be done. I was provided with step-by-step protocol and cost which was very convenient at the time. I was made to feel very confident in knowing the situation would be taken care of. I was referred by a family member who had used this office/attorney before and they were satisfied with the service, and they were highly recommended.”– LaWanda C.

“Very good lawyer.”– Tiara A.

“My attorney represented me well being that I am a college student he made he gave me advice asked how school was going. Also, he made me feel very comfortable while working with him answering my questions when needed and made sure to stay in contact. I would describe my experience as a 10/10 would definitely recommend! One for his professionalism and making sure that it was a judgement free zone.”– Amber H.

“Will preparation during the second year of pandemic. Staff sickness, but one attorney stepped in to fill the void for the other. Great job! Good, friendly, competent, detailed service and I have since recommended the practice.”– Tina W.

“Very great work, he was fast with getting my case handled and made me very comfortable. Great experience and will definitely be back again”– Simika W.

“Was treated excellent. I feel I made a good choice to hire Mr. Baskerville. Mr. Baskerville is an outstanding attorney. I would definitely recommend him to a friend and family.”– Donald M.

“Great experience! Professionally advised best solutions/resolutions provided.”– NaOnnie L.

“Very Good.”– Ruth N.

“Excellent”– Spencer B.

“I’m positive I’ve made a good decision hiring him. It was excellent.”– Shanice M.

“My attorney treated me great I was treated with respect and was kept up to date I was very comfortable that I hired the best attorney. The best attorney there is.”– April T.

“Wonderful. Treated me with respect, kindness, and was very professional. Would recommend you guys without hesitation. I would just encourage them to hire Nathan. He took time of out his busy schedule to help me understand and was very helpful in getting my charges dismissed entirely.”– Priyanka R.

“Excellent”– Darryl H.

“I was satisfied. He was on top of everything and I would highly recommend.”– Matthew L.

“I really like Mr. Baskerville he alerts you on court dates ahead of time and keeps me in order. If you need any representation call the Baskerville.”– Jamie B.

“We were professionally treated with the utmost respect. We were kept up to date and we feel that we made an excellent decision to obtain Attorney Baskerville’s services. You will get honest, professional, friendly, timely service. Let them help you once and you’ll go back again!”– Jeanette H.

“I was treated very well. Was kept up to date and was comfortable with decision to hire this firm. Would highly recommend this attorney to a family member or friend.”– Thurman D.

“He’s definitely the best! Very professional and caring.”– Rikki M.

“Very well very helpful. I like them I would use them again.”– Til D.

“I was treated with respect, always kept up to date with my case, and I feel comfortable that I made a good choice. 5 stars!”– Emil E.

“Great. I would definitely refer him to family and friends.”– Jonathan T.

“Excellent”– Eric R.

“I was treated very well in my inquiry for assistance. Very pleasant and informative.”– Mark E.

“The attorney that represented me was very professional. He kept me up to date on my case and was very prompt in getting important information back to me. I am happy with the service I received from Baskerville & Baskerville. I had an amazing experience with Baskerville & Baskerville. The customer service was very professional and prompt. I would definitely recommend their company to family and friends.”– Kierra F.

“Very good attorney”– Aaron H.

“Baskerville and Baskerville are the epitome of respect, professionalism, ferocity, and follow through. They offered me excellent advice concerning my traffic matter and were able to help me get the situation rectified!! I 100 percent recommend their services. Don’t miss out. One Word: Rectified!”– Tory J.

“My attorney was very consistent with updating me on my case as well as making sure I did everything done to get the best outcome I definitely chose the right attorney. Great company and a great lawyer doesn’t sugar coat the situation gives you honest possible outcomes and very professional.”– Myasia R.

“The best attorney and most professional.”– Sylvester W.

“Good! I made the right decision to hire Baskerville. I would tell them call Baskerville for any legal matters.”– Shannon S.

“Great representation, & Great attorney.”– Lafayel S.

“I was treated with dignity and respect. My situation was dealt with and resolved in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend attorney Baskerville’s services to anyone in need of legal representation.”– Phillip S.

“Nathan, Absolutely! No reservations, whatsoever!”– Kevin K.

“Very good person do good job.”– Sergio J.

“I was very pleased with the treatment, representation, communication, and the outcome. I would tell them communication and feedback “was on point”!”– Sallie G.

“I felt I had made the best decision back then and would still recommend Baskerville & Baskerville still today to any and everyone. They are the best. There’s No one around that can top the level of service received from a law firm.”– Janeva C.

“I was treated with the upmost respect and was kept well informed of my case information and upcoming court dates. I felt 100% sure and confident on my decision in hiring my attorney. Hands down, very straightforward and professional. Highly recommended.”– John C.

“Very caring and compassionate, but always kept it real!”– Shelby C.

“Very respectful and made me feel comfortable. Best attorney in town.”– Robert B.

“For the most part yes he did an amazing job for some reason I still have pending cases but overall charges were dismissed, sentences reduced. 10/10 recommended be prompt, pay your money.”– Brittany B.

“I was treated very well, with respect and kept up-to-date with my case. I feel very comfortable that I made a good decision to hire this attorney. The very best!”– Joshua L.

“Very well treated and trustworthy.”– Johnese P.

“Mr. Baskerville is an awesome guy he stands up for u in every way.”– Sandra W.

“Nathan did an amazing job and I love how everything can be accessed from the portal. I was referred to him by Eric Sanchez and he was a great help in ensuring I understood what could happen with my case and what I needed to do. I will definitely recommend and use them again if needed. 10/10″– Serena T.

“It was awesome service. Attorney Baskerville handled every. It was professional experience on all levels. I would highly recommend.”– Mia P.

“I was inform of everything that went on and he walk me though the whole process. Made me feel like we was family. Great ! I refer my sister to him and he did and great job.”– Taneisha R.

“I was treated very respectfully and I felt like I actually mattered. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family.”– Hixie D.

“It was a great experience.”– Jamacia R.

“Thank you for everything I had a healthy time.”– Serdar A.

“Great service. I would definitely recommend their services to everyone!”– Thereron R.

“Very respectful, understanding. Did things in a timely matter.”– Melissa C.

“Respect and honesty overall for me. Definitely send them your way .It really was a honor to represented by a strong minded, intelligent black man, who is very favorable in the community.”– Sheneka W.

“Great, Amazing made me feel good.”– Kamau P.

“Treated with respect and kindness! They are super knowledgeable and awesome. Love them! Had no worries and was always kept informed.”– Alejandro E.

“I was treated with respect, kept up to date, and I felt very comfortable that I made the right decision in hiring this attorney. Very helpful. Definitely would recommend. Awesome attorney. Very helpful and respectful. Responded to my questions or request promptly/timely.”– Gwendolyn B.

“We should go watch a rugby match in Ireland next year. Best in the bizz! Nathan was awesome, very informative and helpful through the whole process.”– Dustin H.

“I was treated very well and was up dated on everything I think I made the best decision in getting Nate Baskerville to represent my case. Highly recommend to friends and family and strangers as well.”– Danny H.

“Respectfully kept us up to date. Superb!”– Issac A.

“Talked to me as I need to be spoke so I can have all the information and all my options. Wonderful and straight forward.”– Kendrick V.

“They were great. I would definitely use them again, if needed.”– Danielle S.

“I appreciate him for what he has done for my case. He did what he said he was going to do!”– Tasha M.

“Outstanding”– Luby C.

“Very professional”– Diana W.

“My family have been using this law firm for decades. Always been a great pleasure to have such great service. We thank you for all you have done and continue doing. Jobs well done. Outstanding.”– John B.

“Quick response and knowledge. Great services!”– Tiffany B.

“A wonderful, intelligent, respectful and responsive attorney. Mr. Baskerville was extremely attentive, cordial and professional while handling my legal issues which were resolved. I would recommend this attorney to anyone thats needs good, sound legal advice.”– Cecelia

“Nathan Baskerville is a great lawyer. Highly professional and very knowledgeable in law practice and the court system. By selecting him as my attorney, I received a most outstanding outcome and resolution with my DWI case and would highly recommended him to anyone seeking a dependable thorough attorney.”– John C.

“I have never felt so comfortable in my life. Face with a serious violation and living out of state this firm ease ever piece of me. The knowledge, passion for winning, honesty and speedy results.. words can’t express how I’m so grateful for being a formal client of this firm… My case was Dismiss!!!! listen if you need help .. you have come to the right place. Hands down. Thank you Baskerville & Baskerville!”– Lakesha J.

“Very pleased with the service. They took care of my issues and kept me updated during the process. 10 stars for their kindness and hard work to make sure I was taken care of.”– Syreea G.

“Nathan’s a good dude worked really hard for all the cases I had with him does a really outstanding job”– Froney S.

“All I can say is…. he is the absolute best. He was very understanding, patient, and the man simply knows what he is doing. I was at stake of losing my license but Mr. Baskerville made it possible for me to walk away with my license as well as no points or a higher insurance rate. He keeps you updated and responds right away if you have a question. It would be foolish for any of you to seek another attorney other than the best. Baskerville & Baskerville!”– Darrius D.

“Nathan Baskerville was a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond, and always as a true gentleman with a steel spine. Would not hesitate to recommend his services.”– Kevin K.

“I was referred to the law firm of Baskerville & Baskerville by a family member
for a traffic violation while traveling through the area. I am a travel Registered Nurse working out the state and was unable to make the court date due to being out of state and travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Baskerville & Baskerville represented me in court and kept me informed through They were very professional and I was very happy with the outcome and highly recommend them if you’re in need of a great law firm.”– Tollis B.

“Baskerville & Baskerville handled my traffic case with speed, efficiency and a great measure of professionalism. I strongly recommend this law firm as they not only have fair pricing but they demonstrate a true desire to provide their clients with quality service and they are committed to winning every case.”– Emanuel S.

“I got an out of state speeding ticket while travelling, and they handled all the paperwork for me quickly and easily. I talked to Tanisha on the phone, she was very nice, helpful, and professional! I love their portal, so all my info was easy to see. Definitely recommend them, but hope I don’t have to use them again in the future!”– Amber B.

“I wanna thanks Mr. N Baskerville for restoring my license by handling all of my Fines & Court dates. I couldn’t have done it without you Mr Baskerville thank you so much!”– Gregory T.

“Mr. Baskerville provided me with peace of mind when he said I would not have to be concerned with the case.
He did EXACTLY what He said he would do! Hallelujah!”– Spencer B.

“Great experience i conact them late and they took on my case and had a great outcome. Totally stress free. Totally reliable. No Fuss was never a Fuss”– Mekre F.

“Mr Baskerville said Brodie I got you and my illegal problems went away and if I hired him instead the meat head I would have not suffered for years at the warrant on Nc police”– William B.

“I went to a 2nd chance clinical to get my license back and it been a long process but everything is straight i strongly recommend to use their service wonderful people”– Larry H

“Professional Attorney and staff. They get the job done! Any legal business, see Attorney Baskerville!”– Valissa S.

“Top of the line professional”– Ryan D.

“The BEST reference I’ve received for lawyer! Thanks again!”– Alivia S.

“Good customer service”– Stephanie C.

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