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“A wonderful, intelligent, respectful and responsive attorney. Mr. Baskerville was extremely attentive, cordial and professional while handling my legal issues which were resolved. I would recommend this attorney to anyone thats needs good, sound legal advice.”– Cecelia

“Nathan Baskerville is a great lawyer. Highly professional and very knowledgeable in law practice and the court system. By selecting him as my attorney, I received a most outstanding outcome and resolution with my DWI case and would highly recommended him to anyone seeking a dependable thorough attorney.”– John C.

“I have never felt so comfortable in my life. Face with a serious violation and living out of state this firm ease ever piece of me. The knowledge, passion for winning, honesty and speedy results.. words can’t express how I’m so grateful for being a formal client of this firm… My case was Dismiss!!!! listen if you need help .. you have come to the right place. Hands down. Thank you Baskerville & Baskerville!”– Lakesha J.

“Very pleased with the service. They took care of my issues and kept me updated during the process. 10 stars for their kindness and hard work to make sure I was taken care of.”– Syreea G.

“Nathan’s a good dude worked really hard for all the cases I had with him does a really outstanding job”– Froney S.

“All I can say is…. he is the absolute best. He was very understanding, patient, and the man simply knows what he is doing. I was at stake of losing my license but Mr. Baskerville made it possible for me to walk away with my license as well as no points or a higher insurance rate. He keeps you updated and responds right away if you have a question. It would be foolish for any of you to seek another attorney other than the best. Baskerville & Baskerville!”– Darrius D.

“Nathan Baskerville was a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond, and always as a true gentleman with a steel spine. Would not hesitate to recommend his services.”– Kevin K.

“I was referred to the law firm of Baskerville & Baskerville by a family member
for a traffic violation while traveling through the area. I am a travel Registered Nurse working out the state and was unable to make the court date due to being out of state and travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Baskerville & Baskerville represented me in court and kept me informed through They were very professional and I was very happy with the outcome and highly recommend them if you’re in need of a great law firm.”– Tollis B.

“Baskerville & Baskerville handled my traffic case with speed, efficiency and a great measure of professionalism. I strongly recommend this law firm as they not only have fair pricing but they demonstrate a true desire to provide their clients with quality service and they are committed to winning every case.”– Emanuel S.

“I got an out of state speeding ticket while travelling, and they handled all the paperwork for me quickly and easily. I talked to Tanisha on the phone, she was very nice, helpful, and professional! I love their portal, so all my info was easy to see. Definitely recommend them, but hope I don’t have to use them again in the future!”– Amber B.

“I wanna thanks Mr. N Baskerville for restoring my license by handling all of my Fines & Court dates. I couldn’t have done it without you Mr Baskerville thank you so much!”– Gregory T.

“Mr. Baskerville provided me with peace of mind when he said I would not have to be concerned with the case.
He did EXACTLY what He said he would do! Hallelujah!”– Spencer B.

“Great experience i conact them late and they took on my case and had a great outcome. Totally stress free. Totally reliable. No Fuss was never a Fuss”– Mekre F.

“Mr Baskerville said Brodie I got you and my illegal problems went away and if I hired him instead the meat head I would have not suffered for years at the warrant on Nc police”– William B.

“I went to a 2nd chance clinical to get my license back and it been a long process but everything is straight i strongly recommend to use their service wonderful people”– Larry H

“Professional Attorney and staff. They get the job done! Any legal business, see Attorney Baskerville!”– Valissa S.

“Top of the line professional”– Ryan D.

“The BEST reference I’ve received for lawyer! Thanks again!”– Alivia S.

“Good customer service”– Stephanie C.

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