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Traffic ViolationsIf someone cannot afford to pay the fine for a traffic violation, it can certainly become a vicious cycle. This is close to home for me because our firm is in a rural area and we don’t have a subway system, or any public transportation. Folks have to work and attend church, pick their kids up from school and run errands. They’re going to drive whether or not they have a valid license. The way the statute was previously written punished poverty.

If someone appears in court (meaning they’re not missing any court dates) and they accept full responsibility, pleading guilty without attempting to evade a penalty, they still have to pay court costs and fines. Some people simply do not have the money. Then, if they don’t pay their license gets suspended, yet they must still drive to work.  Now let’s say they’re driving to work and get pulled over again and charged with driving with a revoked license. Now they can’t plead guilty and are facing the possibility of their license being suspended for an additional year.

In sum, once your license is suspended, if you get any other ticket or moving violation during that time period, you’ve just guaranteed yourself an additional year revocation. This is why as a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives, I represent Vance County, Granville County, Warren County in the legislature by contributing with the North Carolina Driver’s License Restoration Act. This act repeals the punishment for those caught in this vicious cycle who are simply trying to take care of business and climb out of poverty.

The North Carolina Driver’s License Restoration Act opened up the doors for individuals to file Motions to Remit. A motion to remit makes the case to waive outstanding court costs and fines as well as reinstating their license.

North Carolina Traffic Defense Attorney

While you may see a speeding ticket as a nuisance and opt to pay the fine, this is not a good move. Since a moving violation will add points to your driving record, you could face a license suspension if you accumulate several speeding tickets over time. This is why we encourage anyone who is issued a speeding ticket to work with an attorney with experience dealing with moving violations.

It is important to understand even when you are issued a traffic ticket it does not automatically mean you will be found guilty of a speeding violation. Oftentimes, there are issues with the equipment used to measure the speed at which you were traveling. We will investigate the charges against you thoroughly and help you fight back.

North Carolina Roadway Accidents Defense

If you are accused of causing a roadway accident, you could be facing civil as well as criminal penalties. It is imperative you speak with an attorney immediately following an accident to ensure you understand the rights you have, as well as to make sure you have legal counsel to protect you during the investigation of the accident.

We encourage you to use caution answering questions posed to you by law enforcement officials, insurance adjusters, and those who are involved in the accident. Only by having proper legal counsel guiding you through this process can you hope for a positive outcome.

If you are cited for speeding or accused of causing a roadway accident in Vance, Granville, Franklin, and Warren Counties contact the Henderson, North Carolina law offices of Baskerville & Baskerville PLLC immediately and let us help you fight back.

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