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License Restoration

What Steps Do I Take To Restore My Driver’s License Or Lift The Suspension In North Carolina?

The first step to take for restoring your license is to call my office and retain an expert attorney to perform a driver’s license diagnostic. I will order the driving record and determine exactly why someone’s license has been suspended. I can figure out whether they missed court, failed to pay a fine or whether they plead guilty to something they shouldn’t have. Or perhaps it was a mistake with how the clerks entered the judgment? Maybe the DMV mistakenly merged driving records? You’d be surprised how many times the DMV has merged the driving records for Joseph Thomas Smith and Joseph Terrine Smith.

Each client’s process is unique and individual, so it’s very difficult to broadly describe each step. However, generally you begin by retrieving the driving record.

North Carolina License Restoration Assistance

At the Henderson, North Carolina law offices of Baskerville & Baskerville, PLLC we understand losing your right to drive can cause a significant hardship. You depend on your right to drive to ensure you can attend work or school, to run errands necessary to keep your household running smoothly, and to provide transportation for your family. In fact, when our partner, Nathan Baskerville was Vice-Chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the North Carolina House of Representatives, he drafted and passed landmark legislation, House Bill 529, called the “North Carolina Driver’s License Restoration Act.” Read a summary of Baskerville’s Law below:

HOUSE BILL 529: NC Drivers License Restoration Act

Our first goal will be to understand the reason your right to drive has been suspended or revoked. Then we will determine the best way to respond and represent you in administrative hearings at the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). We will guide you through every step of the process and fight tirelessly to restore your driving privileges.

Contact our offices today if you have lost your right to drive and live in Vance, Granville, Franklin, or Warren County. Allow our team to help you restore your license to operate a motor vehicle in North Carolina.

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