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Traffic Violations That Can Lead To A Loss Of Your Commercial Driver's License Lawyer, Henderson CityIn this article, you can discover:

  • The traffic violations that can lead to the loss of a commercial driver’s license in North Carolina.
  • The suspension and revocation periods for CDL holders after major violations.
  • The importance of seeking legal representation for CDL holders who receive major traffic tickets or DUIs in North Carolina.

What Traffic Violations Can Result In A CDL Suspension In North Carolina?

Similar to traffic violations that would suspend a non-CDL license, driving while impaired or with a blood alcohol content of 0.04 or above can result in CDL suspension. Refusing to submit to a blood test, leaving the scene of an accident, and causing a fatality while operating a commercial vehicle can also lead to CDL suspension.

How Long Is A Commercial Driver’s License Suspended For A Serious Violation In North Carolina?

The length of license suspension depends on the severity of the violation. CDL holders can be convicted of reckless driving, driving 15 miles over the speed limit, making erratic lane changes, or following too closely without having their license suspended.

Additionally, it’s important to note fines for CDL holders are typically double those for non-CDL holders. If a CDL holder receives a second violation within three years, their license is suspended for 60 days. A third violation within three years results in a 120-day suspension.

Will My CDL Be Affected If I Was Driving A Passenger Vehicle When I Received A Citation Or Arrest For A Traffic Violation?

Even if a CDL holder is driving a non-commercial vehicle, their commercial license can still be suspended for major violations such as DWI, refusing to submit to a breath test, or leaving the scene of an accident. What’s more, if any vehicle is used in the commission of a felony traffic offense, a CDL is revoked for one year.

Can A Commercial Driver’s License Be Restored After Suspension Or Revocation In North Carolina?

After a CDL has been suspended once, a hearing with the DMV can be scheduled to restore the license. If a CDL holder has two major violations, such as two DWI convictions, they are disqualified from holding a CDL for life. However, after 10 years of disqualification, they may apply to have their CDL reinstated. After a third major violation, a CDL is permanently revoked and cannot be restored.

I Have An Out-Of-State CDL And Was Cited For A Major Traffic Ticket Or DUI In North Carolina. Can Your Firm Assist Me?

Our law firm can definitely assist you. You will need an experienced North Carolina attorney who focuses on traffic defense and license restoration in order to represent you. They can help you handle your case in North Carolina in the best way possible to have the least impact on your out-of-state CDL. It is recommended that you contact the firm’s office to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.

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