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Pleading Guilty To DWI ChargesIf someone wants to plead guilty without hiring a defense attorney, I tell them the same thing my mechanic told me when I told him I was going to try to fix my transmission.

DWIs are very complex cases. They are likely the most technically complex misdemeanor on the books in the state of North Carolina. There are many bases officers have cover to establish probable cause or to establish that the breath sample and field sobriety tests were administered properly. They also must establish whether the license checking station or roadblock was constitutional and previously approved in writing by the officer’s supervisor. Many details can be argued that the clients don’t ever realize.  They often think to themselves, “Well, I was indeed drunk. So, I am just going to go plead guilty”. Now, that may be the case, but did the officer actually have reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle in the first place? Did they have a reason to ask you to submit to chemical analysis? Laypeople often don’t realize that DWI cases can be beaten.

Handling the DWI is one thing, but understanding what elements must be proven, reviewing the discovery and coming up with a legal strategy is entirely different. Additionally, ancillary consequences of the DWI must also be accounted for. What will this mean for employment? What will this means for my driver’s license? What will this means for my insurance? It would be very difficult to navigate this treacherous line of questioning alone.

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