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I was born in Vance County in Eastern North Carolina. I’m a country lawyer who has been blessed to have been around the judicial system since I was very young. My father was an assistant district attorney, a private defense attorney, and a district court judge – and my experiences with him would shape the course of my life…As a young boy, I remember being sick and not being able to go to school. In those days, I would go to work with my father so that he could watch me while he worked as an attorney.

I remember my father letting me sit in the room when he was meeting with clients. The anxiety and the fear that the clients had when they entered the office had disappeared by the time he had spoken with and advised them. They found somebody that could help them with their legal problems and that experience has stayed with me ever since.

All of the experiences and relationships that I’ve had in my life have uniquely positioned me to continue my father’s legacy of helping those in need. As a result, I went to law school and worked as an assistant district attorney. Today, I’ve been a private defense attorney for 14 years and I’ve served as a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

As part of my work as an attorney, I help folks in our area by advising them about traffic laws and traffic tickets. This is the most contact that the majority of people will have with law enforcement and the law. It all comes down to riding on the roads and what happens if you get pulled over by the police.

That’s Why I Decided To Write This Book…

This book is intended for anyone who is driving on the roads in the state of North Carolina.

Whether you’re a resident, visiting with your family, or driving in from out-of-state for work, this book is intended to just remove a little bit of that fear and anxiety that you might be having.

Just like those clients in my father’s office, I hope that this book will help put your mind at ease if you ever deal with a North Carolina citation.

The biggest takeaway is to understand that there is a proper way to resolve your traffic violations in a way that is most beneficial to you.

This is a system where it is difficult for regular citizens to play a part in, understand, and handle their business. I want you to walk away from this book with a sense of confidence and an understanding that you can resolve your situation advantageously.

How Common Citations Are On North Carolina Roadways?

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of speeding tickets and reckless driving ticket violations that are being issued. Nowadays, if you are cited for speeding 90 miles an hour or above, you will likely be charged with reckless driving. I believe that this is in response to two different things…

Number one, our local district attorneys are feeling the pressure from constituents that are concerned with teenage crashes and accident deaths that have been increasing in our district.

Number two, I believe that this is based upon the fact that our area is right in the middle of Interstate 85 – and our counties on 85 are experiencing road construction.

In our area, there is constantly road-smoothing, grading, and widening going on along Interstate 85. And officers are being vigilant about charging folks for speeding – especially because there are workers out there on the side of the road that could be harmed or killed by drivers.

The Most Common Misconceptions About Traffic Tickets, Violations, And Citations

There are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings about tickets – but here are the most common ones…

You may believe that if the officer wrote your name wrong or wrote the location of the stop inaccurately that that means an automatic dismissal on your citation. That’s just simply not how the law works. The district attorney has the power to amend the citation to reflect the correct information.

Also, you may believe that if an officer tells you just pay the ticket off, it will not result in your license being suspended – or in points being assessed for insurance or license purposes.

Many times, officers do not understand the impact of traffic laws on driver’s insurance rates. So, when they tell you to “just pay the ticket off”, you need to understand that paying the ticket off means you are pleading guilty as charged.

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